One Year | Violet [Waterford, NB Babies & Child Photographer]

I’m not even sure what to say about this session, which happens to me a lot when I blog, but in this case it’s extra strange since the little model you’re about to see is my daughter! That’s right, little Violet, who had her newborn session outside in October, who looked like a little doll in her 3 month session, and who sat outside in a diaper in March for her 6 month photos, turned 1 year old at the end of September! And like all moms, I guess I can hardly believe it. The time went by so fast, and it was a crazy busy year, both because of her and for other reasons as well (though I will say a lot of it was her, haha). She is an adventurous, brave, boisterous, wiggly and funny little girl, and I still wonder every day where in the heck she came from! We love her though and all her wildness, and I’m both looking forward to and dreading her toddler years.

A couple of things about Violet at a year: She got her two bottom teeth finally at 11 months and is working on #3 and 4, she sticks out her tongue and makes fart sounds all the time, her hair is just long enough for a tiny little pigtail but mostly looks like a mullet, she sleeps through the night no problem and eats pretty much anything (and for now really enjoys veggies), is enjoying daycare (she started going in September right before her birthday), still isn’t super cuddly but can cling from time to time, loooooves TV (way too much), laughs at her brother’s foolishness and follows him around everywhere, started walking right around her birthday after a long stalling period, makes huge messes and gets into everything, absolutely CANNOT stay clean in any sort of way, and makes the funniest grimaces I’ve ever seen. In a lot of ways she acts older than she is but I still look at her like a little baby; I guess it’s because I know she’s my last child, so I’m sub-conciously keeping her young but I know over the next year or so her toddler personality is going to come out and my little baby girl will be gone, which is bittersweet to be sure.

We took these photos in mid-October, out at the rink near my sister’s house in Waterford. It was still pretty warm out and the leaves looked great. We chose a high stool as the main prop for one reason: to keep her still! After her 9 month session I knew better than to try and have her sit still in any capacity. We didn’t do a ton of outfit changes, we didn’t try anything fancy, I really just wanted some shots of my girl as she is right now, grimace-face and all (man oh man did I laugh as I looked through these images…baby model she is not, but she’s cute in her own way for sure!)

Enjoy these images of my baby/toddler 🙂

Trying to pick up the pumpkin, of course…

Now that I’m done her “Baby’s 1st Year” sessions, I’m printing a shot from every session to go in her room. It’s so neat to see the progress in age and I’m so happy that I did this with her (something I never did with Victor), and hope to continue doing occasional ‘real’ sessions with her moving forward as well. Though with her on the move now I’m sure it’s going to be a huge challenge!

Back soon with another fall family session,

Rebecca Price - wonderful post! beautiful girl you have.

Louise Simpson - She is so cute G! She totally cracks me up with that smile and those big bottom teeth! hehe. Love the one just after the pumpkin pictures with her hands on top of her head. Some great shots!

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*SNEAK PEEK* | Julie & Stuart [Fredericton Jct., NB Wedding Photographer]

My last wedding of the regular season was a couple of weekends ago, and I will admit to something: I was kind of glad. It was my 12th wedding in 3 months and I was looking forward to the break. I was anxious to get back to more portrait sessions (what used to be my ‘bread and butter’) and perhaps catching up on the 11 weddings I had done before this one. But by the end of the day, I was so pleased and my heart was so happy for Julie and Stuart, that I realized I would miss this feeling, and also the opportunity to witness two people committing their lives to one another, fully and happily. It re-inforced why I love photographing weddings, and it was the perfect way to end the season.

Julie and Stuart got married in one of the prettiest locations I’ve ever seen: the Alexander family farm (which has been around for 6 generations), in Fredericton Junction. I felt as though I had gone back in time a little bit, it was all so picturesque and pristine and original. The weather was perfect, sunny and clear, but unfortunately the wind was very chilly and I’m afraid everyone froze a little bit. Despite the chilly weather, the ceremony was beautiful, simple and very traditional, something you don’t often see. Again, as I listened to the sermon I felt as though I were in the early 1900s (with the exception of all the cellphone and iPads being used by the guests who sat on the hay bales…) It was absolutely lovely, and my heart fluttered for them.

Julie and Stuart are a very sweet couple, and I discovered, very young! (I overheard one of the bridesmaids say she was 18, and I learned that they were ALL 18!) It didn’t matter though, because you could see the true love they had for one another and I know they are going to be extremely happy growing old together 🙂

We took photos around the farm after the ceremony, then headed to the local rec centre for a very simple and nice reception. A lot of the details were done by members of the family (including Julie’s mother who baked and decorated over 70 beautiful cupcakes!), and the day was filled with happiness and cheer.

Julie and Stuart, as I drove home from the reception and took one final photo of the farm on my way back (final photo below), I sent a small thank you out to the world for allowing me the chance to do this. Thank you so much for the opportunity, I couldn’t have ended the year any better.

Here is their sneak peek, enjoy!

So that’s it for weddings! (Until December that is…) Now I will be sharing the (many) many fall sessions I have had this month, I can’t wait!

Until then,

Retta Stennick Flowers - Absolutely gorgeous…..just like the entire family ~ Congratulations on such beautiful, amazing pictures!

Louise Barrieau Dickinson - WOW…Absolutely gorgeous…Beautifull pictures….Love the scenery, you could see, how at ease everyone was……Beautiful couple…Congratulations…..

Christina Irene - Such beautiful pictures

Brenda Sullivan - That is the most beautiful wedding ever seen. The photographer is in my opinion one of the best! Congratulations…

Rose MacGougan - Beautiful pictures Julie&Stuart. Thanks for sharing them. The photographer really caught the love in every pictures. Congratulations to Mum&Dad for raising just a lovely daughter.

Jill Atkin - Uncle Phil would have been so incredibly proud.

Jody Kelly - Very nice, very homesome. You captured the moment beautifully.

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*SNEAK PEEK* | Katie & Stephen [Mont Tremblant, QC Wedding Photographer]

It’s hard for me to even know where to begin writing about Katie and Stephen’s wedding.  It was such an incredible and special weekend, filled with so many little details, noisy and quiet moments, family, food (SO much delicious food), the most beautiful Fall scenery I have ever seen in my entire life, and most of all, a couple who decided to celebrate their day exactly how they wanted surrounded by those who mean the most to them.

Since I can’t begin to do this wedding justice with my meagre writing abilities, I will simply list a few of the many highlights, and will include some of the incredible vendors/credits at the bottom.

So here we go: A twisty mountain road through the most vividly fire coloured leaves. A modern rustic cabin that I would happily move into for the rest of my life. Rain showers. A view to DIE for. Cheese plates. Meeting new friends. Breakfast for 18. A rose in your hair. Valentino shoes and brown leather boots. Officiant tips on an iPad. The bustle of getting ready. Frosting cupcakes. Grey suits and brown shoes. The quiet of an empty cabin. Lacing a wedding dress with your teeth. A calm, serene lake and unexpected sunshine. One of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever seen a bride give her groom. A simple ceremony celebrating 10 years together. A stunning flamenco inspired dress. Sangria made by the bride and personalized handmade chocolates. Being late (ALWAYS late). Chateau Beauvallon. A personal and local dinner menu. A tiny (and slightly frightening) wedding gift. Strolling through Mont Tremblant. A gondola ride to a rainy mountain top. Yummy asian lunch. Cigars and Disaronno in the hot tub. Hugs goodbye and finally…St-Hubert 😉

Katie and Stephen, you treated me like a guest and friend the entire weekend and I will never forget your kindness and the opportunity you gave me to photograph a truly unique, personal and oh-so-beautiful wedding. I hope you have an amazing time in Germany and all the best in your lives together! You’re fabulous 🙂 Enjoy your sneak peek!

WARNING: This post is huge, I’m sorry I couldn’t narrow it down any more!

My favourite moment of the entire weekend was when all the guests had left the cabin to head down to the lake, and Katie and Stephen were left alone for about 20 mins. They completely bucked tradition and decided to get ready together, and Stephen actually put on Katie’s dress. It was such a special moment, I had a huge smile on my face the entire time I was capturing it (it doesn’t hurt that these two look like they belong in a fashion magazine!)

Is this for real?!

This was the view from one of the cabins…I would actually do dishes if I had a view like this at home!

The day after the wedding we all went to the Pedestrian Village to wander around, and I played ‘corny vacation photographer’ 🙂

And because I couldn’t narrow down the shots I took of these two, here are a few more! GORGEOUS.


Invitations: Made by couple

Cabins: Coté Nord, Lac Supérieur (Mont Tremblant)

Ceremony Location: Caribou auberge et resto

Reception Location: Chateau Beauvallon, Mont Tremblant, QC

Shoes: Valentino

Rings: Tiffany’s and vintage

Bride’s Dress:

Groom’s Suit:

Flowers and Centrepieces:

Wine: Made by couple

Cupcakes: The Cake Box, Moncton, NB

Beeswax Candles: Blue Flag, NB

Chocolates: Choco Cocagne, Cocagne, NB

Photographer: Geneviève Flynn



Kandise - This wedding looks awesome!

Melissa O'Donnell - Beautiful Pictures and congrats again guys so happy for you 🙂

From Menus to Venues Wedding and Event Planning - Love the pictures!

Mary Maxwell - Absolutely Stunning!

Marion Roul Bonnell - Beautiful photo’s , congrats to a beautiful couple…:)

Patti Borda - Stunning photos!!!

Marie Baines - Absolutelyy stunning…. Congratulations to you both!

Helen Smith - Beautiful photos of wonderful people! Congrats guys! 🙂

Mary Elisha Anthony Boyd - These are the most beautiful, awesome, creative, wedding pics ever!

Victor LeBlanc - Amazing! Very nice caption of the subjects via Geneviève Flynn, All photos demonstrate a wonderful story, will definitely not hesitate to recommend Genevieve. Congrats again Steve and Katie 🙂

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Off We Go | Katie & Stephen [Sussex, NB Engagement Photographer]

It’s hard to believe that I’m typing this, but my first wedding of October is happening this weekend in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, and I am beyond excited! Not only because of the opportunity to travel and explore somewhere that I’ve never been before, but also because I get to photograph an extremely nice and extremely cool couple, Katie and Stephen. They contacted me back in the Spring to talk about their wedding, and as they described their laid-back/destination/chalet/food and wine filled day, I was over the moon excited. When they said that they had two priorities for the day, the photography and the food, I knew this was my ideal couple. A couple of weeks later they wrote to let me know that they wanted to bring me along with them to Quebec! Again, super excited, and incredible thankful to have such an amazing job.

Because of our busy summers, we were only able to meet for their engagement session last week, but it was the perfect Fall evening for a session, and our location was equally perfect: a horse field that overlooks the town and surrounding area owned by Katie’s family. We met up for a little picnic, then had some fun walking around the property with their pup Harley. Katie and Stephen are crazy beautiful together, it was such a pleasure to photograph them and I look forward to following them around as they celebrate their love together this weekend in la belle province.

Here is their full engagement session, enjoy!

Quick housekeeping note: I WILL BE OUT OF THE OFFICE FROM THURSDAY, OCTOBER 4TH TO MONDAY, OCTOBER 8TH. I’m not quite sure what the Internet situation will be like at the chalets, so I may not be able to answer emails during that time. If you have a very urgent request you can try my cell at 567-0208, but again, I’m not sure what the cell reception will be like out there. I’m looking forward to disconnecting for a bit 🙂

Have a fantastic week and Thanksgiving weekend everyone!

Sara Walker - Beautiful Genevieve. Have fun in Quebec.

Olive Drysdale - No words! Just beautiful!

Shirley Patterson-Chiasson - beautiful!

Dianne Jordan - love these pic’s.

From Menus to Venues Wedding and Event Planning - I am so in love with these pictures! What a beautiful couple – these photos really capture their love. Great work!

Nick Mitrovich - Congratulations Dear Katie and Stephen on your engagment and now marriage. All the very best to both of you.
Warm Regards, Uncle Nicholas, Aunt Ellen and Nicole, Michelle, Nicholas and Michael. Luv You!

Katie Friars - Thank you! 🙂

Haley - Lovely!

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9 Months | Violet [Norton, NB Babies & Children Photographer]

It’s kind of hard to believe that I’m posting these already, but here are Violet’s 9-month pictures, which means that our next shoot will be her 1-year cake smash! In a way it seems like time has gone by so fast, but in another it seems like this little spitfire has been with us all along, it’s hard to remember life before her and her vibrant personality.  At 9 months Violet is ALWAYS on the move. She’s crawling, climbing, cruising (but not walking yet), sitting, grabbing, biting (without teeth), bullying, raspberry-ing, stealing, spitting, drooling, screeching, laughing, clapping and generally living life as much as she can. For the most part she is a happy girl but she’s definitely gotten a bit more clingy lately (normal for the age but still tough on Mama). She loves her brother (and shows that love by wrestling with him at every chance she gets), her grand mama, and TV. She has eaten more kinds of food (good and bad) at 9 months than her brother had at 18 months, and she has made more messes than I can even count. We joke that it’s her goal to give us a minor heart attack every single day by doing something risky. I’ve nicknamed her ‘little lion’ because her typical face is a roaring one (like the one in the 2nd photo on the right, that’s SO Violet). She lives out loud and she’s going to be trouble, I just know it 😉 Still, we love her and the energy she brings to the rest of this relatively chill family.

We took these shots in our backyard on a sunny evening, and the idea was basically to get her into as many cute outfits we could as quickly as possible. Thank goodness her father was there to wrangle her, now that she’s on the move it makes it much harder to photograph her, especially when she is charging for the camera! I think the ones of her in the dress in the little white flowers are my favourite, so sweet 🙂


[See Violet’s newborn session HERE]

[See Violet’s 3-month session HERE]

[See Violet’s 6-month session HERE]


Well, my vacation is over and now I’m hitting the ground running, so expect to see more posts soon!

Until then,

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