3 Months | Violet [Norton, NB Babies and Children Photographer]

I’m quite late in posting this (as always!), but I finally finished editing my daughter’s 3 month photos that I took a couple of months ago. We did them at home, on a whim, over the course of a couple of days. We were just hanging out at home one Friday afternoon, the two of us (big brother was at the sitter’s), and I decided then and there to take her photos before she was too old (she was technically 3.5 months in these shots I think…) Without a real plan or wardrobe, I picked out some clothes from her closet, tried a few different set ups, found a few ideas online, and this is what I got.

Violet is definitely a second child…very easy going for the most part, and ‘just happy to be around’, as I always say. She let me do pretty much whatever I wanted with her and was a perfect little doll 🙂 I can’t wait to take her 6 month photos (next month!), she’s become so active and spunky since these shots were taken, I will have to move fast to keep up with her!

[PS-The mobile in her room was made by me with a flower punch, an embroidery hoop, thread, and several different shades of pink/orange/coral paint chip swatches. Her denim dress and crocheted flower headband were handmade by my friend Heather, and I was so sad to discover that the dress barely fit her (I thought it was much bigger than it was), but I made it work for the photos.]


(I know that last shot isn’t technically perfect, but I love her expression! Smiling at her daddy 🙂 )

Be back soon, hope you’re all getting through the winter (not much longer now!)

Dani - She is so very beautiful!! These photos are just gorgeous!

Amy S - Soooo cute!!! I love all of these, but I think that first image in the frame may just be my favorite.

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MY FAVOURITES OF 2011 [Couples/Engagement]

I LOVE photographing couples. It’s probably my absolute favourite type of session to do. Something about seeing two people who know each other so well interact is just magic to me. Every couple is different, and yet they still all have those moments together that I strive to capture. Usually it’s a laugh, or a look, or a touch that they aren’t even aware of, but it’s there nonetheless, and so so important.

The thing that I also love about the following images is that only 2 of the couples pictured were actually engaged, the rest were already married or have been together for years and years, and the images were taken during family sessions (meaning most of them had kids). I usually always ask the parents if they would like to have a few photos of them alone together…some say no, but most are up for it and I’m always glad when they are because I think it’s really important to document the parents not as parents, but as a couple. Because at the end of it all, the kids leave, but your spouse/significant other is there with you for the long haul, and having that little bit of time together without the kids, even just for a few minutes, can really remind you of why you’re with that person in the first place. They usually find it a little awkward, but my corny ‘pretend like you like each other’ line tends to loosens them up a little bit 🙂

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling, here are my favourites images of couples from the past  year!

Lovely <3

Well, that’s it for my Favourites as far as portrait sessions go, next up, the big one, my favourite wedding images…not sure when that mammoth post will be ready, but it’s going to be a good one!

Back on Friday with another personal post!

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MY FAVOURITES OF 2011 [Newborns]

Here we are, my first “Favourites of 2011” post! 2011 was such an incredible year for me. It was my first entire year of working full time as a photographer, and while it was A LOT of work (made all the more challenging by being pregnant for 9 months of it and buying a new home halfway through the busy season!), it was one of the best years I’ve had in my ‘working career’. I met so many incredible people and captured some really special moments, and I look forward to seeing how 2012 is going to treat this little business of mine. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank each and every one of you who has supported me and my work in some way, whether through Facebook or blog comments, link shares, referrals, sessions, handing out my business cards, loaning me props…every lit bit helps and supporting a local business is really one of the best things you can do, so THANK YOU!

As I mentioned, I’ll be splitting these posts up by category, and there’s no better place to start than with my tiniest of clients, the newborns! I loved getting to know these little ones, and I’m just amazed when I see them later on, all ‘grown up’ already! I’m glad I was able to freeze their newness, because it truly does not last long enough.

So here we go, some of my favourite newborn shots from last year!

Next up, the most…well, challenging and fun group of the bunch, the babies and children!

Until then,

Faye - Wow you sure had lots of babies!!!! The outside ones are definitely my faves…..gorgeous light in those!

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My Best Friend’s Wedding | Heather + Jason [Couples Photographer]

In late August I had the honour of standing up in one of my best friends’ wedding in British Columbia.  I went out for a week with Victor (my first time out West and Victor’s first trip on a plane!), and had a wonderful week spending time with her again after a whole year and a half apart.

You see, Heather was my original model.  When I got my first DSLR back in March of 2008, we were roommates living together in Halifax.  Not having a baby of my own to photograph yet, I coaxed her into  letting me photograph her…over and over again.  She was extremely patient as I learned about my camera and was willing to try anything (including some pretty odd ‘concept’ shoots, which shall remain in the vaults for now!)  When she moved out West in Februrary 2009, I was quite sad to lose not only a really good friend of nearly 10 years, but also my main muse!

Shortly after moving out there, though, I started hearing about this guy named Jason.  It wasn’t long before things started moving along, marriage was discussed, and a ring was presented.  Knowing Heather the way I do, none of this surprised me and I was extremely excited that she had finally met someone who was just right for her.  For months we talked about her wedding plans and my eventual trip out there.  Being in the wedding was exciting, of course, but I was more excited to take photos of the happy couple as a wedding gift…these are the results.

We decided to take the photos the day before the wedding since there wasn’t going to be much time on the day itself.  Heather also decided to buy a more casual dress since we weren’t sure exactly how ‘trashed’ it would get (not to mention her gown was GORGEOUS and didn’t need messing up the day before the wedding!)  We drove out to one of the Lakes in the Okanagan (I can’t remember the name of it…Heather, help?), and just had fun taking shots together like old times (well, but with a boy).  It was so nice because Heather knows my style and what I like and how I like to work, so it all came together fairly naturally.

Jason is a great guy, and you can tell how much he’s crazy about Heather.  They just mesh and click so well, it was awesome to see.  And since they haven’t been together that long, they still have that ‘new relationship glow’ about them, they’re still reaaally into each other, which shows in the photos.  It made me a bit nostalgic for the early days with my husband Dan, but moreso it just made me giddy for Heather.     

So Heather and Jay, I wish you guys all the best in the world, I love you, and I can’t wait to see you both at Christmas!  Your canvas will hopefully be ready by then ; )

 I’m skipping over from marriage to pregnancy next, with a lovely Fall-ish maternity session with a sweet couple, so stay tuned!

Until then,

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Crazy On You | Daphné + Steve [Couples Photographer]


Daphné and Steve are actually a couple that I know quite well…Daphné is my little sister and Steve is my brother-in-law.  Daphné has been wanting to take pictures with Steve for a long time now, but he was always hesitant to get in front of the camera (I’m not sure why, they’re a gorgeous looking couple!)  Anyway, we finally managed to get him to agree one Saturday night (with a bit of liquid courage, ha!), and I am so glad that we did, because the shoot turned out magical!  

Now, Daf and Steve aren’t the most ‘lovey dovey’ couple out there, at least not in public, but you can see how much they love being together by the way they look and smile at each other, they can’t seem to help it.  They’ve been together almost as long as my husband and I have (about 7 years) and will be celebrating their 2 year wedding anniversary in August, and I’m so happy to have captured these images for them.

We had the shoot around their amazing property; I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, I am so LUCKY to live in such a beautiful area, there is absolutely no need to ever be inside (when the weather is good of course!), because these natural backdrops enhance the photos in ways I never could.  Natural light, fresh air, gorgeous landscapes, real people and everyday moments, these are the elements of a beautiful shoot for me.  We went to an old barn, a field, and down by the river that runs along their backyard, it was a really great night.

The light was insane down by the river, tucked between the rocks, peeking around the trees…it made me giddy.

And of course, I needed to get a family shot with the kiddos (Quincy, Nemo and Princess Boy).

I love photographing couples, and hope to do more soon!

Up next though, an adorable session I had with a little blond-haired, blue-eyed boy, oh my.

Until then,

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