Meet Khalid | New Brunswick Newborn Photographer

A few months ago I met up with baby Khalid for his newborn photos; his mama Dana had been to see me only 16 months (!) before with big brother Bilal (they asked to keep his photos private at the time but have given me permission to share these). And, like his brother, Khalid was very interested in being…well, awake, for his session, but as I’ve mentioned many times before this past year, I enjoy the (quiet, still) awake moments just as much as the sleeping ones and I found myself smiling and laughing all throughout his session as he just stared and stared at me, yawning over and over again but never really falling asleep. These little humans amuse and delight me constantly. Khalid, Bilal and mama/dada are back to their other home in Saudi Arabia right now, escaping the snow for a little bit bit (I don’t blame them!), but I was so glad that I got to meet their sweet boys <3

Everyone, meet Khalid.

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Meet Leah | New Brunswick Newborn Photographer

Before the holidays I met little Leah and her parents, and she is a perfect example of why I’ve stopped saying no to ‘older’ newborns (babies over 14 days).

Back when I first started newborn photography I didn’t know the ideal age to photograph newborns so I would photograph infants at any age (6 weeks, 8 weeks, 5 weeks, etc) and quickly learned that they were technically not ‘newborns’ in terms of photography (needless to say those shots did not turn out that well). As time went by I became very strict with what ages I would photograph and would only photograph them if they were asleep, but now that I have several years of experience with these magical little humans I’ve become more confident in photographing them a bit older, and in any state, awake or asleep (or in between). Leah was 4 weeks old when she came in so I explain to her mom that a) the session would probably take longer than usual (stretching into 4 hours), and that b) we might not be able to get all the same photos that we would with a younger newborn as they begin to change in very significant ways after 2 weeks (mainly that they begin to wake up for much longer periods of time and they become much less bendy). We were patient with her, photographed her through her awake phases, and worked with her abilities to get her into the poses, and I’m SO glad that we stuck through it because even though we may have gotten fewer variations, I was still able to provide them with a full gallery (including parent shots!) So, as much as I love photographing them at their ideal age, both for their comfort and my efficiency for the parents, I’ll never say no to an older baby. I’m so glad I didn’t say no to her <3

Everyone, meet Leah.

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Anj and Colin | Kingston, NB Engagement Photographer

I love couples who choose to do things a little differently. When I first spoke with Colin and Anj about their wedding I was immediately intrigued by their vision. A wedding ceremony with only their closest family and friends, in a location that means a lot to them and their outdoorsy lifestyle…on a frozen lake…in March. Now, I can’t say that March is a popular month for weddings but I was 100% on board when they told me, and I cannot wait to see what kind of day (and weather!) we’re going to have in 2 short months. One thing I know for sure is that it’s going to be relaxed, easy going, fun and totally cuddly, because that’s exactly what these 2 are.

We did their engagement photos in November (another ‘off’ month) at their home in Kingston and it was so cute seeing them so in love and happy together, they really are my ideal couple! And they ride motorcycles, so they’re cool too 🙂

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Meet William | New Brunswick Newborn Photographer

I’m always happy when any expectant mother messages me to let me know of their upcoming arrival, but when it’s a former bride, and former newborn client, (and super supportive awesome person), I literally squeal with happiness (it’s a weird scene at my computer sometimes). That’s how I felt when Kim messaged to let me know that Allison was going to have a new little brother. And when I met him, I fell in serious ‘like’. But most of all, I loved seeing Allison and William together; she is such a little sassy and sweet toddler and was SO good with him, made my heart melt. The whole situation, really, was just a big pile of heart melting.

Everyone, meet William.

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Amy & Mike | Camp Shiktehawk Country Wedding [Florenceville-Bristol, NB]

My last wedding in September took me all the way up to the Woodstock area of the province, for the wedding between Mike and Amy; after having met this sweet couple a couple months before in Alma for their engagement photos, I was really looking forward to capturing their day as genuinely and creatively as possible. We started bright and early (8am, my earliest start time in 7 years of photographing weddings!), and the entire day flowed smoothly and beautifully, with stunning details and many touching moments along the way (I tell you, father-daughter first looks need to become more of a thing because they are amazing.) You got the immediate sense that family and faith was extremely important to these families and I was struck again and again by the sweetness and pureness of Amy and Mike’s love for each other. They decided to celebrate at Amy’s family’s church, as well as a very special place to Amy and her family, Shiktehawk Bible Camp, an absolutely gorgeous located accentuated by the perfect weather and foliage. I felt lucky to be there all day long.

Couple: Amy Page and Mike Lutes

Ceremony Location: Coldstream Baptist Church, Coldstream, NB

Reception Location: Shiktehawk Bible Camp, Carlowe, NB

Photo Location:  Shiktehawk Bible Camp, Carlowe, NB

Dress: Bonny Bridal from Bella Promessa

Decor: Pearl by Panoramic Events

Invitations: Vistaprint

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