Jen & Matt | Intimate Courthouse Wedding [Saint John, New Brunswick]

I kicked off the summer wedding season on June 1st with Jen and Matt, a couple who, after 9 years together, decided to quietly and simply commit themselves to each other officially with only a few closest family and friends there. I’ve done 3 courthouse weddings in the past couple of years and a few smaller affairs and I end up falling more and more in love with them every time, it’s so nice so strip away all the stress and work that comes with larger weddings and focus on what’s important- 2 people, dressed up, starting their journey of marriage. On this particular day it was HOT (like the first hot day of the year!) and I made these poor souls walk all around Rockwood park searching for patches of shade, but they were troopers and I can’t wait to see them next year for they anniversary session (right, Jen?) 😉

Couple: Jen Woodworth and Matt Daigle

Ceremony Location: Peel Plaza Courthouse, Saint John, NB

Photo Location: Rockwood Park

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Sweet Baby Logan | New Brunswick Newborn Photographer

This adorable face belongs to Logan, the newest member of a dear family who had quite an adventure before he was born (unfortunately it was flood related and meant scrapping a home-birth plan, ugh), but the important part is he is here, everyone is safe and healthy, and they are now a complete family. Logan was such a little sweetheart, who was content to snooze for most of the session (as long as he had his soother, haha). I just love the face-focused images I’m doing lately like the one above, it’s what I strive for when photographing newborns, to capture their fresh, new faces before they fill in and change in the blink of an eye.

Everyone, meet sweet baby Logan.

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Sweet Baby Levi | New Brunswick Newborn Photographer

Return clients are totally my jam, and Alyssa and Clay are some of the real OGs for me. I met them first in 2012(!) when they won a family session with me, and I photographed them with their then 2-year old son Brayden. 2 years later I photographed their engagement and wedding, and 2 years after that I photographed their 2nd little dude Tyler. Now 2 years later I’m photographing their 3rd son, Levi! Just crazy how time has flown and how Brayden has grown (he’s in Grade 3 now, what?!) It’s such an honour and a pleasure to have clients trust me with documenting their big life moments,   I try to never take it for granted. Levi wash such a typical 3rd born, easy going and as good as can be, he was one of my quickest sessions this year! And the boys were so good for their photos too, I gotta say I appreciate the bigger age gaps 😉

Everyone, meet sweet baby Levi.

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Sweet Baby Meredith | New Brunswick Newborn Photographer

Sigh. Another sweet baby, another sweet family. Meredith came to visit me last month and even though it was a bit of work to get her asleep and still, it was worth every minute. Big brother Felix was an adorable blonde darling and mama Jennifer was beyond gorgeous, it was a pleasure meeting them. Yep, sigh.

Everyone, meet sweet baby Meredith (love all the classic names I’ve been seeing lately!)

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Personal | 15 years

July 2003 and May 2018

About 15 years ago (in May 2003), before social media, smart phones, Netlflix, the financial crash and skinny jeans, I was a 20-year old girl living in Fredericton NB with 2 high school friends-turned-university roommates.  I had just finished my 2nd year of university at UNB and was about 8-months post-break up with my high school boyfriend of 2 years. I was looking for temporary work, thinking about moving back home for the summer (like one of my roommates just had) and was figuring things out. I was at a point in my life where I was starting to feel healed after being dumped (it was my first big breakup and it was BAD), and I was becoming pretty uninterested in dating or guys-I figured it was time to stop looking for acceptance and learn how to be alone after a few foolish and depressing months of floundering in the ‘dating scene’.

And then one day in walked in this shaggy, tall boy with ill-fitting clothes, a bass and a few boxes of grubby items. He was to be my new (subletting) roommate, the cousin of my roommate who had just moved home for the summer. He was quiet, moody and a bit down it seemed, but he was friendly and obviously smart. We started hanging out (as you would with someone who was now living with you), and over about a month or so the hanging out quickly became flirting (I cringe to think of this now but we totally did the ‘let me teach you how to play bass by reaching around your shoulders and moving your hands’ thing) and then one night after a few drinks, well…it’s not romantic but you get the idea. We don’t agree on who leaned in first for that initial kiss, but I suppose in the end it doesn’t matter because after an insanely infatuated summer together (and yet apart as I moved home to Sussex for a job), the course was set for us and we’ve together ever since.

I’ve been thinking about this milestone for a couple months now, in complete shock that this much time has passed but also so grateful that we made it this far. (I’ve been randomly looking over at Dan and saying ’15 years!’ like he doesn’t get the passage of time.) There’s a huge difference between being 20 and 35 years old and yet we made it through growing up together; figuring out school and jobs and eventually careers, moving and being apart for months at a time, having no money and then having a bit of money (always just a bit), getting married and deciding on having kids, the struggle to have that first one (and the shock of how quickly we had the second one), me starting a business and the support that goes with that, and so many ebbs and flows that I can’t possibly remember them all. We’ve had times where we were naturally less close (those early years with kids come to mind, at least for me), but through it all we kept coming back to each other and now we are on this path closer than ever. It’s not a reach to say that he’s the foundation of my life and I am unashamed in admitting that our relationship has the biggest influence on my happiness and mood. We’ve been very lucky in life together so far, without any major conflict or pain or challenge, but when that does eventually happen (as it does with any life) I know that we’ll be ready for it because we have 15 years under our belts, and hopefully many more to go.

So here’s to drunken hook-ups with roommates, and the resulting true love that can happen.

Happy 15 years babe, so happy you walked in the door.

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