Personal | #Communityovercompetition – Maternity Model Call with EHP & VP

I’ve been in business for 8 years now, which sometimes feel like forever and I feel like I belong to another ‘time’ when it comes to photography. The industry has changed so much over the last half decade and there are more talented working photographers around than ever; this can be scary to someone like me, but I have been fortunate enough over the past couple of years (who knows how long now?!) to be a part of a great group of local photographers who I consider friends and colleagues and definitely not competition. In fact, we actively encourage, refer, guide and help each other to be better, whether it be in our business or in our art. We have collaborated, held meetings, critiques, and have learned over time that’s it’s not just about working on an island, but being part of a larger photography community. I feel very lucky to be a part of this group.

ALL THAT TO SAY, last month I was part of a maternity model call with Carla of Enchanted Hill Photography and Brittany of Valley Photography. After a long winter we were feeling a little creatively stifled, so we decided to get together to do something a bit different. I love photographing maternity but I usually do it in more of a lifestyle type way (outdoor, etc). Brittany does as well so we wanted to explore doing more artistic, studio-based portraits. Carla is wonderful at this already and allowed us to use her studio and gowns for the event. We found 4 beautiful expectant mommas and had Patience Cole come in to do hair and make-up (she did a gorgeous job as always). The girls and I met up a couple weeks before and wrote out every single pose, outfit, light set-up and background so that the day flowed smoothly, and everything went perfectly, I was so pleased! My images definitely were the most…umm…naked, but I truly feel that all bodies are beautiful and nudity shouldn’t be something to shy away from, especially when doing the amazing task of carrying life! It was also fun to try new lighting techniques, poses and styling, being creative without any pressure is so good and necessary from time to time.

I will definitely be offering sessions like this int he future so if you are an expectant momma, know that this can be part of your Bump and Baby package, or simple a standalone maternity session (which I’ll probably offer at a slight discounted rate due to the nature of the images, so keep an out for that!)

These are a few of my favourite images that I took but be sure to check out Carla and Brittany’s pages as well to see their set-ups and images!

Photographers: Carla Bagley and Brittany Calder (and me)

Hair and Make-Up: Patience Cole Make-up Artistry

Models: Janelle (1st), Casey (top image and 2nd), Kaitelyn (3rd) and Monique (4th) <–All 4 ladies are expecting girls!


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Sweet Baby Briella | New Brunswick Newborn Photographer

Oh little Briella, you were as adorable as your big brother Sam was 2 years ago and although you didn’t seep quite as well as he did, your session is still one of my recent favourites. Stay little for your mama a bit longer, ok?

Everyone, meet sweet baby Briella (Rose).

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Sweet Baby Cohen | New Brunswick Newborn Photographer

Last month I had a sweet little dude come in to visit me at the studio! He is having a bit of a rough start in life with casts placed on his little legs, but that didn’t stop him from showing off his personality and posing well for me (with a few adjustments). Working safely with all babies, no matter their condition, is super important to me and I’m so glad Kelsey brought him in for a few family and newborn photos!

[Hats by Angela’s Stitches and Such]

Everyone meet sweet baby Cohen.

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A Mother’s Body | Final Thoughts

Another year has come to an end for A Mother’s Body! This is my third time doing this project over the past 4 years and the thing I noticed the most this time around was how the messages have changed; maybe it’s because of social media, the body positivity movement, advertisers showing more diverse bodies, or just society as a whole moving forward, but I found the mothers much more willing and open to not only bare themselves physically, but emotionally as well. And the messages were all the same-these mothers wanted to be a good example for their children when it comes to loving their bodies, so they are all working hard on loving themselves every step of the way, in any phase of life, which is SO amazing! Post-partum is such a special and hard time for most mamas, so I really appreciate the effort and bravery it took to do this.

If I decide to do the project again (last year I had to cancel due to lack of participation but this year I had as many as I did my first year which was great), I definitely want to focus on getting more variety with my mommas (mommas of older kids in particular interest me because their perspectives are so different than new mamas, and ones that aren’t often represented; mommas of more than 1 child; and more diversity is always the goal), but I’m very happy with the images that I created this year and am super thankful for all the support this project has gotten over the years…thank you!

Finally, thank you to Rebecca, Erin, Kathrin, Stephanie, Jordan-Leigh, Alishia, Jessica and Caroline, and all their sweet babies and kids, for volunteering and sharing their experiences!

Happy Mother’s Day.

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A Mother’s Body | Jessica’s Story

The “A Mother’s Body” project is a photography project aiming to normalize, highlight and celebrate mothers’ bodies of all sizes, shapes and stages of motherhood.

  Welcome to Year 3!

I have always wanted kids and to experience what being pregnant was like so when I found out I was pregnant I was so excited but terrified at the same time. I didn’t know if I would be a good mom or where I would live because I did not want to raise a kid in an apartment. About a month before I had my first baby my parents bought me and my boyfriend a house so we moved in and got all settled. A little over a year later we found out we were expecting again, 2 days after I had surgery on my belly. Everything went well and we had a baby girl and even though my body has lots of sagging and lots of stretch marks my kids don’t see it and they don’t care. My body might not be perfect but it created two perfect and beautiful children who are the most amazing people in my life. We only have one body to love and cherish. We may look at ourself and not like the way we look but our kids don’t see any of that. They only want for you to love them and care for them. I have had my own struggles with raising two kids that are 22 months apart. Having depression and postpartum depression has been a big struggle with two kids and trying to deal with my own inner demons and trying to get myself right while trying to raise two kids. It’s a battle but I know that every person has to go threw struggles before you can really enjoy what life has for you. My kids lift me up every day and brighten my spirits when I’m having trouble.

My kids are the biggest and best part of my life. I would not change when I had kids or who I had kids with. My life is perfect with Edward who is two and Kara who is 3 months and my loving and supportive boyfriend of 6 years. I hope to be a big role model for my kids and for them to know they car do things and go places in life if that’s what they want to do. My kids are my everything and nothing will ever change that.

I want my kids to grow up strong, confident, kind, funny, healthy people who will love there body’s and to not care what others think of them because all that matters is if you love yourself.

Thank you Jessica (and Edward and Kara) for sharing your story!

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