Sweet Baby MacKenzie | Saint John, New Brunswick Newborn Photographer

Oh this girl, and this family. I was so thrilled when Shawna messaged me to saying that she was expecting again; after photographing baby Mya only 16 months before (I thought it was over 2 years ago, oops!) I was so excited to meet their newest little lady. And she did not disappoint! Beautiful hair, a beautiful little mouth and just darling. Mya was so well behaved for a toddler and mom and dad were as gorgeous as ever too. (We won’t talk about the mess MacKenzie made or the subsequent trip to the store for leggings though, that will just be a funny story for later…)

Here she is, sweet baby MacKenzie.

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Sweet Baby Brett | Saint John, New Brunswick Newborn Photographer

The tiniest little peanut came in to see me last month, and I was blown away once again by the amazingness that is a newborn. So small, so full of potential, so innocent…I can really see why people want to keep them this way forever! Brett was perfect for me and slept (mostly) beautifully, and his parents could not have been more smitten with him than they were, I enjoyed working with them immensely.

Here he is, sweet baby Brett.

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Personal | 16 in 2016

After sharing my favourite personal 15 images from 2015, I decided to keep the tradition going by sharing my favourite 16 images from 2016; what I’m finding as I look through my personal work is that while I do still aim to get creative portraits of my kids and my husband from time to time, really, in the end, it’s the simple portraits that I love the most. They might not be the prettiest images to look at and they may seem flat or uninteresting to other artists, but as I look back on them now, the feelings and memories prove to me that these photographs don’t have to be the best in the world, they just have to be real.

I want to remember the kids at these ages (5-turning-6 and 4-turning-5, the best ages EVER); I want to remember Dan’s aging process and how he looks straight through the camera at me; I want to remember where we went for our adventures; I want to remember the simple moments we had at home; I want to remember what our house and yard looked like; I want to remember the trips and vacations; I want to remember our life in the best possible light (literally).

I want to remember it all.

Here we are, my favs, month by month…














And 4 extra favs just for fun 🙂

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Sweet Baby Gavin | New Brunswick Newborn Photographer

The 2018 newborns have begun! I started the year off with a cute happy little bub named Gavin, and his 2 brothers. It was a busy session, of course, but it was also very cute and I loved all the colours we used with him (#moremintforboys). I am so excited for this year and all the precious little human I will meet, it’s honestly one of the best jobs in the world!

Here he is, sweet baby Gavin.

[Knit bears by Angela’s Stitches and Such]

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Personal | Behind the Scenes-Wedding Season 2017

My favourite/least favourite post of the year!  Another wedding season has come and gone; 12 wonderful Saturdays (and one Sunday) spent with my favourite person, the one who picks up my lens caps, carries my bags, picks leaves out of my hair and fuzz off my butt, holds my light, keeps me company on the long drives, stands in for light tests (SO MANY LIGHT TESTS), and really makes my ability to flow and work possible with her behind the scenes caring. It might not seem like much but I couldn’t do it without her.

Sara, I know you hate all these images but they make me smile, I really appreciate it!

(As for the shots of me, they were mostly taken on our cell phones, so not the best quality…and well, after 7 years of doing this I’ve pretty much accepted that I look like an inelegant ass most of the time, but as long as I’m getting the shot I’m going to keep doing it, tip toes and squatting and all.)

(PPS-shout out to the men I worked with this year as well, Brock and Max (videographers extraordinaire), and the most handsome assistant ever, my love Dan.)

Looking forward to this year already!!

Worst posture EVER.

Keeping me on track and on time 😉

She loooooovvves standing for family formal tests.

She looooovvves walking down the aisle for light tests.

Hunch/Chimp/Squat/Repeat :/

Warning to brides: if you hire me I’m going to wear something sleeveless because I sweat. A lot.


I can’t remember if she was joking that she was falling off the edge or she actually did almost fall of the ledge…either way I wasn’t impressed.

Working in the craziest outdoor ceremony I’ve ever done with my fancy rain protection, ha!

I love her.

I love us.

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