52 Fridays | Week Two: Landscape [Personal Project]

Well, here we are, back for another week! I almost didn’t participate this time for lack of opportunity to get out and shoot, but then I thought to myself ‘Wait, it’s only the 2nd week you punk, suck it up and find some time, this is part of the challenge!’ So yesterday afternoon I ran out into my backyard while my daughter napped on the couch and snapped a few quick shots in about 10 mins. It’s starting to get quite cold up here in Eastern Canada, despite our uncharacteristic lack of snow, so I didn’t have much time to explore, but luckily for me there isn’t a lack of beautiful countryside where I live 🙂

I’ll admit this week’s theme of Landscape was kind of hard for me, since I don’t shoot many landscapes (I love looking at them though!), so I just kind of went with it. I also decided to play around with some editing/actions that I don’t normally get to use with my client sessions; this shot was edited using The Pioneer Woman’s free “Old West” action. Love the moodiness it creates. I’ve been really loving all the ‘dead’-ness of winter this year, normally I hate November and the brown early Spring landscapes in my area, but for some reason this year I find it so beautiful.

K, enough rambling, here is my shot:

Next up in the blog circle is Marianna of Marianna Marinina Photography, all the way in Varese, Italy (oh my word I want to go back to Italy!!), follow the link to see how she interpreted the theme (I bet it’ll look completely different than mine!)  http://www.mariannamarinina.com/blog/


Thanks for following along,

Faye - Awesome, just awesome! LOVE this!!!! You should totally print this, seriously!!!! I love everything about it. One of my favourites of yours for sure.

Tracy - Gorgeous !!!! I love the detail in the old fence post !!! Beauty truly is everywhere !

Jenny - Wow! Amazing detail – I love all the texture of the wooden post and the way it is angled out amidst the dried brush. Very cool!

Kimberlee Edwards | Cary NC Photographer - Love the texture in this.

Christa P. - This is a great photo! Love all the details!

Tammy Bilodeau - Great shot. I love the little bit of green still hanging onto the fence post. I really like the overall feel of this image. Great work.

amy ames - Possibly my all time favorite this week. Great perspective. Love love this!

Jenn - Beautiful winter landscape! Reminds me of the scenery here.

Karol Quinn - Love processing!

liza - gorgeous comp color and tones here! just lovely!

Cathy K - Simple beautiful! I love that photography can make something so simple, so absolutely beautiful!

Robyn Regan - I love this picture so much. I am glad you didn’t forgo this challenge. Stunning processing. I love everything about this. Thanks for sharing Genevieve.

stacy - the post is so crisp and sharp! so gorgeous! i can’t believe this is in your yard!! wow! nicely done!

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52 Fridays | Week One: New [Personal Project]

Hi Everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic New Year’s and that you are just as excited for 2012 as I am! I’m also kind of astounded that we’re here already, wasn’t it JUST 2003 or so a little while ago? Slow down Old Man (or Mother?) Time, slooooow down.

Anyway, with the new year brings a new feature here on my blog! It’s a personal project that I hope will help me grow creatively and keep me on my toes (and keep my camera in hand more often…) It’s called “52 Fridays”. Basically a group of photographers (hobbyists and those who do it as a profession) have come together from all over the world and will be sharing a photo a week (every Friday) fitting a certain theme. We will be doing a ‘blog circle’, which will be a lot of fun, so be sure to follow the link I provide at the end of each post so that you can see all the other talented ladies and gentlemen out there! I’m looking forward to the challenge and making a few friends along the way 🙂

Anyway, this week’s theme is NEW, which makes sense for the first week of a new year! The fun thing about these themes is that they are pretty general, which means they can be interpreted in so many different ways. For me it was a pretty easy fit because this week I just happened to do a newborn shoot, so I decided to try a different angle than my usual newborn shots, and I love how it turned out. Doesn’t get much newer than a 10 day old baby (love how you can still see the dry skin on his feet and his little black nub in his belly button).

Here is my shot:

Next up in the circle is Tracy Waye Kelly from Miramichi (a local lady!), so be sure to check out her blog to see how she interpreted the theme: http://www.tracywayekelly.blogspot.com

I’ll be posting on as many Fridays as I can (some weeks I may have to miss due to busy-ness), but I hope you’ll follow me along this personal photography challenge!

Back soon with some more client sessions.

Until then,

Christa P. - Oh how I miss wee little babies! Love your take on this week’s theme! So cute!

viv - Love this capture. Love how you captured this baby’s belly and feet!

Faye - Nicely done G!! Love newborn shots….I hope some come my way again soon 🙂

Kimberlee Edwards Photography | Raleigh Wedding Photographer - I am so in love with this. What a unique perspective!

Robin Moore - So cute! Always love a newborn shot!

Tammy Bilodeau - Neat perspective. Well done 🙂

Cathy K - A newborn is an awesome way to start off the project! Love those baby toes!

Amy - It sounds strange, but that dry baby skin is one thing I love most about photographing newborns. They’re so fresh and new! Great picture!

Christine - Awwww love those sweet little toes.

Jenn - Oh! So sweet! Those little feet are so adorable! Such a great take on the theme!

Amy - What a perfect shot for new! I love this. So glad you are part of our group!

stacy - look.at.that.belly!! and those toes!! and the still peeling skin on his feet!! obviously i love this! 😉 great shot!!

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Bright Sunshiny Day | Violet [Norton, NB Newborn Photographer]

Like pretty much all parents with young kids, I am terribly behind on several personal projects, including those I consider to be part of my work. My pregnancy photobook, printing off my own photos to hang in my home (and to use as samples to show clients) and, up until today, Violet’s newborn photos. I’m happy to say that I’ve at least got those finished now! 🙂

I took these on Thanksgiving Day weekend…yes, it was almost mid-October, and yes, it was warm enough for her to be without clothing! It was at least 25C on this day, and she slept, warm and happy as can be, the entire time. She was 16 days old, so a bit older than what is preferred for newborns, but for the type of session I was doing (outdoors in a setting that didn’t involve a lot of ‘poses’), it worked out fine.  Her 3 and 6 month sessions will most likely be indoors, so I’m happy that I got to do her newborn shots outside.

I know I may be biased, but I think she’s pretty cute!

I’m going to be printing at least one of these images off to go in her nursery as a 16X24 standout, I’m just not sure which one (I’m leaning towards the one of her on the pink pillow with her head turned up towards the sun, but I also really love the second to last shot of her in the grass.) What do you think?

Be back soon, hope you all had a pleasant weekend!

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Our Family/Maternity Session

I promised that I would share more shots from my family/maternity session when I posted my 35 Weeks Bump post about a month ago, so here they are!  As I mentioned before, these were taken by Faye of Faye Kingston Photography (based in the Miramichi area of the province). She and I are somewhat related (she and Dan are first cousins), and I’m so happy that I took the chance of sending her a Facebook message last winter to talk about photography (she has been in business about a year or two longer than I have). I kind of look to her as a ‘colleague’ and now also as a friend, someone I can talk shop with and also get advice from on various aspects of running a business from home. We have similar styles and philosophies on photography and portrait work, so I knew that it would be a good fit for us to get our maternity/family shots done with her. She caught us just being ‘us’, goofs and all (as shown above…it’s not a ‘perfect’ shot by any traditional means, but I love it anyway!)

I had planned on getting some real ‘at home’ shots when Violet was a newborn, but now we may have to wait until she’s a bit older to do our lifestyle shoot with Faye…I can’t wait!  Until then, these shots will soon be on my walls (will share photos when they’re up!)

Enjoy, and thanks for letting me share a bit of my personal life on this blog (I’ve been blogging on my own for about 5 years now, but I find that it’s just as easy to share here as it is on my other blog.)

I’m working on a few more “My Favourites” posts, and finishing up some sessions from October, so I’ll be sure to share those soon!

Until then,


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Baby in a Basket | Daniel [Penobsquis, NB Newborn Photographer]

It really does seem like everyone is having babies, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s just my group of friends/acquaintances, or just my age, but in the past 5 years or so it has just been baby after baby after baby…and I love it! This sweet little fellah is my friend Sara’s nephew, Daniel (Danny). The cool thing is that he was actually due the day before my daughter Violet was born, so his momma Amy and I grew our bumps together. Daniel was a bit impatient though and decided to come into the world 4 weeks early, so he and my daughter are actually a month apart (she was born on her due date).  He’s been doing great since his arrival though, and when we got together to do his newborn shoot at a little over 3 weeks old, he was a perfect little model (except for uncrossing his legs to show us his bits at every chance he got, haha).  I got to test out my ‘baby in a basket’ idea and he was perfectly content in there, sleeping as soundly as can be, it was so cute. I’m sharing the full session here, so be sure to check out the sweet new-ness of Danny!

Amy and Sara, I hope you enjoy these shots!

This was my last session in September (and the last one I did before going on Mat Leave), so I’m now only a month behind, yay! Still working away, so if you are waiting for a gallery, it should be coming up soon 🙂

Be back soon,


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