BUMP WATCH Recap [Personal Project]


I just realized the other day that I never posted all of these shots together, so I thought now would be a good time, considering miss Violet is almost 6 months old already!

Looking back on these photos makes me think two things: 1) I am SO glad that I documented my last pregnancy in this way, even if I didn’t manage to keep up with the weekly shots at the end, and 2) I am SO glad that I don’t have to be pregnant ever again! 😉

I plan on taking these shots (plus all of the additional ones for every week) and making a photobook out of them as a keepsake for Violet to look back through one day. (If you want to see the full posts for each week, click on the “Personal” or “Maternity” categories at the bottom of this post.)

I’m still waiting for the perfect little mama-to-be to contact me to help her document her own journey, so if something like this interests you, please contact me for a custom plan and quote, I’d love to start a ‘bump watch’ with you!

(All shots are self portraits except for Week 35 which was shot by Faye Kingston, and Week 39 which was shot by my husband.)

Have a great weekend everyone!

stacy - lucky lady getting a portrait by faye!! and i really LOVE this whole post!! congratulations!!

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52 Fridays | Week Ten: My Season [Personal Project]


For those who know me ‘in real life’, they know that I’m pretty weather/season obsessed. Maybe it’s because I live in an area of the world where the weather is constantly changing and we have four very distinct seasons, I’m not sure, but it’s just something that affects pretty much every area of your life here, so it’s hard not to think or talk about. I remember my Spanish teacher in university saying how we shouldn’t try to make small talk with someone from Mexico or Chile by saying ‘nice weather, huh?’ because they would just look at you funny because the weather there is nice all.the.time. Well, not here!

Right now in the Maritimes we’re in the ‘dead of winter’, and like many other areas, the winter is feeling loooong. Spring is on its way, but my goodness, around here it’s almost May before you can truly call it Spring (April snowstorms are not unusual). You just have to tough it out, and I take pride in the fact that I get through these long hard winters (even the easy ones, like this past year, would be too much for many).

Anyway, point is, it’s winter here, and winter sometimes sucks. It does make up for it with its beauty though, like this shot of a snowstorm from earlier in the week. Huge fluffy flakes were falling, the sky was thick with them, and everything turned bright white in an instant. It gets quiet, and you can’t help but admire it, even if it has happened dozens of times in the past few months. (The crazy thing is, 2 days later, everything had melted away and it was 10 degrees above 0! Wonky weather, I tell ya.) This shot was taken looking directly out my front door…I love living in the country 🙂

I have a feeling that things look pretty similar for Tracy Waye Kelly, she’s only about 2 hours north of me in Miramichi, NB Canada! Let’s go see how she interpreted the theme this week.

Happy Friday!

Christa P. - That is a beautiful photo, even in the longing for spring right now. I’m a warm weather girl myself and happy to see flowers blooming.

Amy - I love your season~ I know the grass is always greener, but we had no winter this year so I really missed the snow. Wish we could trade places for a week 🙂

Amy S - Oh my goodness, all the snow!! What a gorgeous view you have!!

Cathy K - This is so pretty! I love that I can experience all four seasons as well, but I do like that we’re seeing signs of spring already, like daffodils popping up and the beginning of buds on the trees. I do admire your love of the winter, especially wehn you are ready for warmer weather!

Kimberlee Edwards Photography | Raleigh Wedding Photographer - This just makes me cold looking at it. But a beautiful picture, none the less.

Faye - I love the winter too…and that is a very familiar scene to me as well. Winter truly is beautiful!

stacy - gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous shot!! love it!

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3 Months | Violet [Norton, NB Babies and Children Photographer]

I’m quite late in posting this (as always!), but I finally finished editing my daughter’s 3 month photos that I took a couple of months ago. We did them at home, on a whim, over the course of a couple of days. We were just hanging out at home one Friday afternoon, the two of us (big brother was at the sitter’s), and I decided then and there to take her photos before she was too old (she was technically 3.5 months in these shots I think…) Without a real plan or wardrobe, I picked out some clothes from her closet, tried a few different set ups, found a few ideas online, and this is what I got.

Violet is definitely a second child…very easy going for the most part, and ‘just happy to be around’, as I always say. She let me do pretty much whatever I wanted with her and was a perfect little doll 🙂 I can’t wait to take her 6 month photos (next month!), she’s become so active and spunky since these shots were taken, I will have to move fast to keep up with her!

[PS-The mobile in her room was made by me with a flower punch, an embroidery hoop, thread, and several different shades of pink/orange/coral paint chip swatches. Her denim dress and crocheted flower headband were handmade by my friend Heather, and I was so sad to discover that the dress barely fit her (I thought it was much bigger than it was), but I made it work for the photos.]


(I know that last shot isn’t technically perfect, but I love her expression! Smiling at her daddy 🙂 )

Be back soon, hope you’re all getting through the winter (not much longer now!)

Dani - She is so very beautiful!! These photos are just gorgeous!

Amy S - Soooo cute!!! I love all of these, but I think that first image in the frame may just be my favorite.

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52 Fridays | Week Nine: Shiny [Personal Project]


I think that I say this every week, but this week’s theme (“Shiny”) was a tough one for me! I tried several different ideas but photographing shine is actually pretty technically difficult! None of them really turned out how I pictured, but I decided to go with this one, some hard ‘shiny’ snow that we recently got (people who live in colder temperatures will understand what I mean by ‘shiny’ snow…you see, there are different types of snow…oh yes, I could go on and on about it but I’ll leave it at that, ha!)

Here’s my shot:

It’s pretty, but I’m ready for it to go away and for spring to come now…pretty please??

(I just noticed that I’ve posted B&W shots 2 weeks in a row, oops. Will post something in colour next week, promise!)

Up next, let’s go see how Kimberlee Edwards (Cary, NC Photographer) interpreted the theme!

Back soon,

Tammy Bilodeau - Lovely picture this week. 🙂

Emily - Shiny snow is my favorite! I think you did a fantastic job capturing it!

Jenn - That’s how things look here! You did a great job capturing the shininess of it!

Amy - ahhhh I wish I was there for that shine. I want some snow!

fredericton photographer - hey, awesome photo dude, really very pretty i am waiting for color please upload that as soon as possible…….

Cathy K - I love that you can walk on top of that shiny snow and then all of sudden one foot just falls through! Thanks for the memory!

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MY FAVOURITES OF 2011 [Couples/Engagement]

I LOVE photographing couples. It’s probably my absolute favourite type of session to do. Something about seeing two people who know each other so well interact is just magic to me. Every couple is different, and yet they still all have those moments together that I strive to capture. Usually it’s a laugh, or a look, or a touch that they aren’t even aware of, but it’s there nonetheless, and so so important.

The thing that I also love about the following images is that only 2 of the couples pictured were actually engaged, the rest were already married or have been together for years and years, and the images were taken during family sessions (meaning most of them had kids). I usually always ask the parents if they would like to have a few photos of them alone together…some say no, but most are up for it and I’m always glad when they are because I think it’s really important to document the parents not as parents, but as a couple. Because at the end of it all, the kids leave, but your spouse/significant other is there with you for the long haul, and having that little bit of time together without the kids, even just for a few minutes, can really remind you of why you’re with that person in the first place. They usually find it a little awkward, but my corny ‘pretend like you like each other’ line tends to loosens them up a little bit 🙂

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling, here are my favourites images of couples from the past  year!

Lovely <3

Well, that’s it for my Favourites as far as portrait sessions go, next up, the big one, my favourite wedding images…not sure when that mammoth post will be ready, but it’s going to be a good one!

Back on Friday with another personal post!

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