52 Fridays | Week Four: Warmth [Personal Project]


Week four! And still in it, woohoo!

This week’s theme was Warmth, and there were so many things I could have done, so many possibilities, especially at this time of year when warmth is essential, comforting, fleeting, etc, but the first thing that came to my mind was “a scarf”. Creative huh? 😉  Originally I was just going to do an up close shot of the scarf around my neck, but then decided to try more of a self-portrait since I so rarely get to do them anymore (unless I’m pregnant, ha!) Back when I first started photography (pre-kids), I took all kinds of self portraits, and sometimes I miss it, as awkward as I am most of the time…I think it’s really important not only to document your family, your clients’ families, whatever, but also to document YOU, no matter how much you might hate it. I know I would have loved to see more shots of my mother as a young mama, in her 20s, but there are honestly VERY few (if any) pictures of her like that around, and that makes me sad not only for me, but also for my kids. So I hope that someday when my kids are older they’ll get a sense of who their mom was (or at least what she looked like) when I was first starting out raising them (and before, when it was just me and their dad).

Anyway, rambling again! Here we go:

(And for those who don’t know me in real life, hello there!)

Next up, check out what Tracy Waye Kelly, Photographer in Miramichi, NB did with the challenge.

Until next time,



*Disclaimer: Yes, I totally photoshopped my skin and eyes a bit, I’m usually much more tired-looking 😉 And no, I didn’t mean to match my sweater to my nails, haha.

Faye - This is too funny, it’s what I was going to do – with a warm fuzzy sweater. Just didn’t work out this week for me, though. Yes, I was going to do another self-portrait, hard to believe, haha. Nicely done – and love the nails too, btw.

Amy Moisuk - You’re too funny! Very pretty shot though!! I have NOT. A. CLUE. how to do a self-portrait…I’m jealous of your talent 🙂

Robin Moore - love the self portrait. love the softness – yet your eyes so sharp and beautiful. That scarf says i am so warm.

Tammy Bilodeau - Very Nice! Great selfie and I love that scarf too. It just screams warm!

Amy - Great self portrait and perfect warmth! Nice job!

Amy - Your disclaimer made me laugh! I love that you got in the shot though, I’m definitely guilty of not getting in the frame. And your scarf certainly looks as if it would keep your neck quite warm! 🙂

Cathy K - Good for you, sharing a self portrait! I wasn’t quite as brave! You have gorgeous eyes, btw!

Jenn - Great image and take on the theme! Lovely light!

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*SNEAK PEEK* Hats & Headbands | Avery [Norton, NB Newborn Photographer]

One demographic that I didn’t expect to photograph as much as I did last year was newborns. I thought maybe I’d get to do 2-3 sessions, but in the end I think I shot 9-10. It was an unexpected but very pleasant surprise, as it has turned out to be one of my favourite groups of little people to photograph 🙂 There’s just something about newborns that is hard to describe. Their sweetness, their newness, everything about them is pure (even their cries!) Newborn photography is an art and there are some seriously beautiful shots out there…I still consider myself very much a beginner but I hope that 2012 allows me the chance to study, learn, try new things and capture more of the fleeting first weeks in a new person’s (and new family’s) life.

Now, onto Avery! She was actually 3 weeks old when we had our session, so a bit older than ideal, but she was still very sweet. Unfortunately I think that my house was a bit too chilly and new for her, and she put up a good fight with us to get our shots. The ones I’m about to show you are actually from our 2nd day together, at her home where she felt more comfortable (and warm!) Once she did settle down though we were able to slightly move her around and change her head gear, so you’ll see lots of pretty props used. In my next post I’ll show you the shots we did on the first day, including some shots with mom and dad!

For now though, enjoy miss Avery Ashlynn…

Back soon with the rest of the Babineau’s winter session, and yet another newborn, this time an adorable little man named Kyle!

Until then,

Faye - Awesome stuff! Love that 3rd one especially, where she’s got almost a little smirk on her face… too cute.

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A Laid-Back Love Story | Nikki + Shane [Norton, NB Wedding Photographer]

I’m so excited to FINALLY share Nikki and Shane’s wedding!! I’m also really embarrassed at how late this post is in coming (*cough cough* 6 months later *cough cough*). Between being pregnant, working a ton over the summer, then having Violet, then trying to catch up on  my portrait sessions after she was born, blogging a gigantic post like this just got pushed back more times than I care to admit. No matter though, it’s finished and I’m happy for you all to see it!

Nikki and Shane’s wedding will definitely go down as the most laid back wedding I did of 2011. They are SUCH a sweet couple, and Nikki was the complete opposite of a ‘bridezilla’ (although none of my brides were hard to work with, I was very lucky that way!) When we met up for our initial consultation, then for their engagement session, and finally one more time before the wedding, she was as calm and relaxed as could be, and basically trusted me with whatever I wanted to do, which is awesome. We worked out a loose schedule for the day, and everything went perfectly, even the weather (a beautiful warm-but-not-super-hot July day!) We started in town with the girls getting ready, then did some family/bridesmaid portraits in a park near the ceremony site, then headed over for the outdoor, country ceremony and finally the reception (which ended with fireworks and a Chinese lantern lighting tradition, very cool!) Like I said, it was all very laid back and casual, and I was really moved by how happy Nikki and Shane were. They are so head over heels for each other, you could see it in the looks and touches they shared throughout the day, it was a real joy to photograph. There were plenty of candid moments to capture, little details that made the day special (like the “My Mrs.” ice cream cake Shane had delivered the morning of the wedding), and a fun group of family and friends sharing the day with the happy couple. I’m very honoured that Shane and Nikki allowed me to photograph these memories for them.

(Like I said, this post is PHOTO HEAVY, so in order to make it a little less large, I collaged many of the photos in a way that I don’t usually when posting portrait sessions. Some of the images are cropped to fit the collages, just an FYI if they look a little ‘odd’.)

Enjoy Shane and Nikki’s love story!

I AM NOW BOOKING FOR 2012/2013 WEDDINGS. I’ve received a lot of inquiries in the past couple of months and have already booked a few weddings for this summer, so if you are thinking about contacting me for your wedding, please get in touch with me as soon as you can, as I will only be booking a limited number of weddings this year (they are A TON of work!) I have also decided on being a bit more selective in the types of weddings that I will shoot, so it’s important to have a consultation with me beforehand to see if I am the right type of photographer for you and your wedding. I love talking to and meeting with brides-to-be, so please send me an email at gflynnphotography@gmail.com, or use the contact tab at the top of this blog, or call me at 506.567.0208. You can find more information about my philosophy on weddings HERE.

I still have more shots of Jade and Jared’s wedding that I want to share, and also some sneaks from the winter wedding I did last month, so you’ll be seeing more of my wedding work in the months to come!

Please feel free to leave Nikki and Shane some blog love, I’m sure they would appreciate it…call it a 1/2-year anniversary present 🙂

Back soon with little Avery’s newborn session!

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52 Fridays | Week Three: Words [Personal Project]

Happy Friday everyone! We’re back for another week (they seem to get here so fast, don’t they?!) This week’s theme was Words, and although I did have another shot in mind, I ran out of time and reality was facing me square in the face, so I decided to photograph it. Don’t you just hate the words “Amount due”? 🙂

Be sure to click on over to Cathy Kuhlman (Philadelphia, PA Photographer) to see how she photographed “Words”.

Back soon with a newborn session!



Christa P. - Ha! Love your take on this this week!

Robin Moore - this is great. i too am not thrilled with those words and also do not like writing out those bills. yuk. this photo made me laugh. thanks for sharing.

Jenny - Oh,yuck. I just paid one of those, too! 🙂

Amy Moisuk - Ha Ha! I love this!! So creative!!

Emily - Fun idea!

Jenn - What a creative take on the theme! I don’t think anyone loves those words! 🙂

Amy - Oh yes I hate those words. Great job documenting it though 🙂

Faye - haha, I know, I hate those words too, lol. I think it was pretty creative actually!!

Tammy Bilodeau - Ha ha Great take on this weeks theme. 🙂

Amy - Yuck! I hate those words too! Love this take on the theme, even though they are words I’d rather not read. 🙂

Cathy K - I can say that I don’t particularly like those words either, but I am grateful that I am able to pay the bills that come with those words! Yours was a very creative to convey words, even ones we’d rather not read, sometimes!

christine - Ha!! too funny, love this!

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52 Fridays | Week Two: Landscape [Personal Project]

Well, here we are, back for another week! I almost didn’t participate this time for lack of opportunity to get out and shoot, but then I thought to myself ‘Wait, it’s only the 2nd week you punk, suck it up and find some time, this is part of the challenge!’ So yesterday afternoon I ran out into my backyard while my daughter napped on the couch and snapped a few quick shots in about 10 mins. It’s starting to get quite cold up here in Eastern Canada, despite our uncharacteristic lack of snow, so I didn’t have much time to explore, but luckily for me there isn’t a lack of beautiful countryside where I live 🙂

I’ll admit this week’s theme of Landscape was kind of hard for me, since I don’t shoot many landscapes (I love looking at them though!), so I just kind of went with it. I also decided to play around with some editing/actions that I don’t normally get to use with my client sessions; this shot was edited using The Pioneer Woman’s free “Old West” action. Love the moodiness it creates. I’ve been really loving all the ‘dead’-ness of winter this year, normally I hate November and the brown early Spring landscapes in my area, but for some reason this year I find it so beautiful.

K, enough rambling, here is my shot:

Next up in the blog circle is Marianna of Marianna Marinina Photography, all the way in Varese, Italy (oh my word I want to go back to Italy!!), follow the link to see how she interpreted the theme (I bet it’ll look completely different than mine!)  http://www.mariannamarinina.com/blog/


Thanks for following along,

Faye - Awesome, just awesome! LOVE this!!!! You should totally print this, seriously!!!! I love everything about it. One of my favourites of yours for sure.

Tracy - Gorgeous !!!! I love the detail in the old fence post !!! Beauty truly is everywhere !

Jenny - Wow! Amazing detail – I love all the texture of the wooden post and the way it is angled out amidst the dried brush. Very cool!

Kimberlee Edwards | Cary NC Photographer - Love the texture in this.

Christa P. - This is a great photo! Love all the details!

Tammy Bilodeau - Great shot. I love the little bit of green still hanging onto the fence post. I really like the overall feel of this image. Great work.

amy ames - Possibly my all time favorite this week. Great perspective. Love love this!

Jenn - Beautiful winter landscape! Reminds me of the scenery here.

Karol Quinn - Love processing!

liza - gorgeous comp color and tones here! just lovely!

Cathy K - Simple beautiful! I love that photography can make something so simple, so absolutely beautiful!

Robyn Regan - I love this picture so much. I am glad you didn’t forgo this challenge. Stunning processing. I love everything about this. Thanks for sharing Genevieve.

stacy - the post is so crisp and sharp! so gorgeous! i can’t believe this is in your yard!! wow! nicely done!

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